Tire Waste


Tires are designed to meet various essential functions in vehicles and machines, such as: Load carrying capacity, wheel-drive for all kinds of terrains, durability, stability and adherence, among others.

In order to meet these functions, design and manufacturing process are highly specialized and have great technical complexity, both in terms of tire components and their structure.

When it comes to components, tires are mixed products, as they are mostly made of rubber, textile and steel.



Apparently, it consists of a limited combination of elements and substances which might seem relatively simple. However, the type of substances used and the manufacturing process (where very complex physical-chemical processes take place, called vulcanization); lead to a highly resistant product that, once its useful life is over, becomes a serious problem for the environment, for nature can't assimilate by itself the highly polluting components it contains.

It is a problem that becomes bigger every day, as millions and millions of tires are being generated and thrown away, when their only destiny should be to go through a recycling process, in order not to cause an environmental catastrophe.