Given the will to remain at the forefront of the recycling world, RMD has created its own R&I department.

Several projects have been developed, working together with Technical Schools, Universities, and other national and international companies and associations.


Research Lines

Three main research lines:

1.- Waste: Raw Materials to Recycle.

  • Characterization of waste that currently doesn't have a way to be recycled.
  • Establishment of processes applicable to each type of waste.
  • Research on new fields of activity for RMD.

2.- Improvements in the Recycling Process.

  • Increasing product recycling efficiency.
  • Decreasing recycling costs.
  • Reducing the influence of non-recyclable materials.

3.- Use of products coming from Recycling.

  • Increasing the value of products tha come from the recycling process.
  • Improving properties: Mechanical characteristics, resistance, chemical characteristics...
  • Increasing applications and, consequently, making the world of recycled products grow.