Mission, Vision & Values



The vision of RMD is based on a comprehensive approach that integrates the three dimensions of corporate social responsibility, as part of its business strategy. These dimensions are:

Recycling as a means of Social Development: Source of Employment.
Quality, Permanence, and Economic Development.
Innovation in Environmental Protection.


The mission of RMD, S.A. is to strengthen its national and international leadership in the recycling industry, integrating an excellent customer-service oriented body, composed of competent professionals and experts, who are pleased and committed to the values of the company.


Q.- Quality Results: “Focusing on the results that the company has agreed with suppliers and clients, eliminating those tasks that don’t lead to reach them”.

O.-Open, Diverse and Mutually Supportive Work Environment: “Promoting a work environment where diversity of opinion is appreciated, in order to make the best decisions, and to support each other to reach common goals”.

G.- Global Growth: “Looking forward to increasing the company’s income, establishing courageous objectives based on market opportunities”.

O.- Obligations with suppliers and clients: “Focusing on other countries both short and long term, fulfilling and even exceeding the needs of suppliers and clients, comparing what we offer to what other companies have to offer”.

S.- Speed: “Working knowing that speed and the ability to give solutions are competitive advantages. Making quick decisions and acting accordingly”.