Privacy Policy

In RMD we protect all personal data introduced in our website. We operate as provided in LOPD (Protection Data Law) for we guarantee and protect the intimacy of people collaborating with it.

What do we do with personal information?

When you introduce your personal data through forms existing in our website, in order to identify yourself and improve our services and performance (preferences of our website users and collaborators' data). Statistics are always made as a whole and never on a particular individual. In actions involving money, we will aditionally ask for your delivery address in case of internet purchases and also for bank details required to undertake the action you request. We will also ask you for your identity card number (social security number) in order to send you a tax certificate for reducing taxes on donations in your income tax return.


This website uses cookies (cookies are small amounts of information that are stored in every web user's browser) for knowing where site visitors come from; these cookies are only linked to one anonymous user and their computer, so they don't provide with any references that might help to deduce personal data such as visitors' names or lastnames.

Users can modify the settings of their browsers to avoid installation of cookies, or for receiving notifications when they receive a new one.

Data Security.

In order to comply with provided in Law 15/99, dated December 13th, on Personal Data Protection, RMD informs users of this website of the existance of an automated personal data file created by and for RMD, under its responsibility, with the aim of maintaining and managing its relationship with users or clients.

We will never transfer, sell or borrow your data to other companies or data bases.

RMD looks after its obligation of secrecy regarding personal data and its duty to keep them, and will undertake necessary measures in order to avoid unauthorized modificatioons, loss, management or access.

You can always access, update or erase your information.

You'll only need to contact us:
  • Send us an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Call us: Dial 902 28 88 99 (+34 prefix if you are calling from abroad)