Beautiful Sculptures for Urban Landscaping made of recycled tires.


Goommis Urban ® is one of our range of products made of recycled materials for Urban furnishing.

Within this range, we find sculptures for landscaping, made with great realism and for various themes and formats. It is possible to request a quote to order.

Perfect for roundabouts, landscaping, corporate logos, marketing, theme parks, theme bars, Museums, etc...


1. Fun and bright.
2. Weatherproof.
3. Extreme Weather Conditions. 4. Safe for children.
4. Safe for children.Resistant, intensive use.
5. Resistant, intensive use.


6. Inexpensive compared to other products with similar properties.
7. Lower Maintanance Costs.
8. World-wide Supply.
9. Simple installation.
10. Environmentally Friendly.
11. UV Stable.
12. Recycled and Recyclable product.


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