Elastic rubber flooring for Playgrounds.

Elastyfloor ® consists of a system for making elastic rubber flooring for playgrounds.
It is a double-surface system of one piece, the first layer is a shock pad, and the second one a decorative cover, more resistant and colored. Installation is done on-site, using polyurethane binder in order to achieve perfect fitting of the shock pad to the floor. Clean and decorative, one-piece flooring is the best option for the little ones. These surfaces are fixable, innocuous, and weatherproof, have no joints, are slide-safe, and reduce severity of injuries in case of dropping.
This product, besides contributing to the safety of the little ones, is made with environmentally-friendly materials, as recycled products are used for it, plus they are non-toxic products (if you want to know more about this ask for Certification and Analysis for our products).

These are our Products for Playgrounds:


Tracktech ® The most resistant decorative layer, versatile and inexpensive..

This product is exclusive of RMD, it consists of colored-coated rubber granules, being the star product for playgrounds for its resistance and versatility for making one-piece flooring for playgrounds, and with all the advantages that shock pads provide, and at a much cheaper price, as it is made of recycled materials. Another great advantage is that it is fixable flooring.

  • COLORES: Verde • Verde Oscuro • Arena • Rojo • Marrón • Negro

    Colores Tracktech
  •    Gran Formato: Big Bag 2m3

      Formato Pequeño: Sacos 20 kg.



epdm, the perfect combination for Tracktech ®.

Modified Ethylene- propylene-diene (EPDM) is the perfect partner for Tracktech, available in more than 20 bright colors, provides flooring with a spectacular touch; ant is it totally combinable with Tracktech. We recommend its use in areas of greater friction, as the output area of slides, swings lower zone, etc.


  • COLORES (pida Muestras para conocer los tonos reales)

    Verde Brillante • Verde Manzana • Verde Oxido • Rojo Oxido • Naranja • Amarillo • Azul • Azul Claro • Teja • Turquesa • Violeta • Rosa • Pistacho • Azul Cielo • Tierra• Marrón • Fuxia • Ocre • Rojo Vivo • Blanco • Gris claro • Gris Oscuro • Beige
    Colores EPDM
  •   Formato Pequeño: Sacos 25 kg.


Elastech ®, The Shock Pad. elastech

One essential part, but invisible for the whole Playground, is the Shock Pad, a surface made of rubber granules that is used as first layer or base layer for other surfaces, providing it with strength and elasticity. It thickness varies according to height of the games in order to comply with regulation EN1177, regarding the Head Injury Criteria Value (HIC) ratio.

If you want to know more about Elastech ©




Polyurethane Binder, for agglutinating rubber surfaces.

This product is used as agglutinant for installing flooring on-site, it is an optimized formula for this purpose, is a strong and resistant binder, with good dimensional stability and high insulating properties. In order to know how to use it properly together with our products please visit our Installation Guide.


  •    Bidón de 220 kg.  •  Lata de 25 kg.


Our products count on various certifications that guarantee their quality and safety. If you want more information on our certifications and relative documentation, please contact our Sales Department.

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