Business Lines

The expertise required to carry out all processes involved in the life cycle of each type of waste, from collection, transport, storage, selection, recycling, analysis for decision-making; makes it necessary to divide RMD's industrial activities into different divisions; the main ones METALS, RUBBER, ENGINEERING AND BIOMASS.

These business lines allow RMD to eliminate hazardous waste from the environment, to recycle them and introduce them again in the productive system as new products, with absolute risk control of all environmental risks related.

This expertise and a path of continuous evolution, guarantee RMD's global leadership in this industry and so it is considered to be one essential company for the sustainability of society as a whole.



Business Lines


Copper and Aluminum


Recycling of non-ferrous metals contained in electric and telephone cables. Processing of different materials of metal content.

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Recycling Machinery


Design, manufacture and installation of machinery and turn-key recycling plants, for different recycling and grinding processes.

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Alternative Fuel


Shredded tires and textile fibre as an alternative form of energy that has high heating value, replacing fossil fuels such as coal or oil.

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Energy Services


Energy supply based on biomass, wood chips from forest and energy crops.

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End of Life Tire Recycling.


End-of-life tire recycling (ELTs) by means of shredding and grinding, in order to re-use their components. A great variety of products and purposes.

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Street Furniture

Made of recycled materials.


A wide range of products for street furnishing, landscaping and playground decorating.

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PVC and Polyethylene


PVC and Polyethylene recycling from cable processing.



Electric Waste


Collection, transportation and storage of bulky waste and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).