For more than 30 years, RMD has been applying a business philosophy that has lasted throughout its years of life, in which respect and protection of the environment are its main postulation.

The mission of RMD, S.A. is to enhance its national and international leadership in recycling, integrating an excellent organization at customer service made up of competent, expert, satisfied professionals committed to the company's values.
The vision of RMD, S.A. is based on a global approach that integrates the three dimensions of corporate social responsibility in its business strategy. Recycling as the means for social development. Quality, permanence, and economic development.
Quality Results. Open, diverse, and mutual support work environment. Global growth. Obligations with suppliers and customers. Speed.

The Birth of RMD

In 1991, the year of its foundation, RMD began its activity in rented industrial facilities in the town of Ribaseca (León), as an environmentally sustainable alternative to the practice used to recover metals from cable scrap through uncontrolled incineration, applying a new electromechanical recovery process that gave the final product obtained important quality standards and added value.

RMD Barcelona is born

In 1994, RMD-Catalonia was founded, with facilities in its own industrial warehouse in Bigues i Riells (Barcelona), intended as a transfer centre for metallic raw materials and small-scale electromechanical recovery.

New activity: Tyre recycling

With the same vision and clarity with which the initial cable recovery project was undertaken and already extensive knowledge of the recycling sector, in 1997 it was decided to diversify the work being done so as not to depend on fluctuations in the metal markets, and it was decided bet on the recovery of other waste that at that time the industrialized society did not know and still does not know how to provide an environmentally sustainable solution. An ambitious research and development project related to recycling polymers and elastomers is undertaken, essentially based on the recovery of end-of-life tyres and the search for applications of the recycled material obtained. In this way, two new business areas were born in RMD: an industrial one that will provide clear and effective solutions to fulfil the ecological objectives established in Spanish law, recycling end-of-life tyres to obtain rubber shots for different applications, and another technological one in which RMD designs, manufactures and markets machines and processes for the different areas of recycling.

New facilities in León

In 1998, the decision was made to expand the company's production capacity, adapting it to the new recycling technologies, which entails having infrastructures and facilities in accordance with the projected industrial expansion, considering that the Ribaseca facilities did not meet those expectations. Between 1999 and 2000, the current Ardoncino factory was built on a land area of 115,000 m2 and an initial occupation of 50,000 m2, and in 2000 the activity was transferred to the new plant, which has an industrial warehouse of 4,300 m2 and two office buildings and changing rooms with a total area of 850 m2. The industrial complex is used for the management and recovery of cable, plastic and rubber waste and end-of-life tyres. Entre los años 1999 y 2000 se construye la actual factoría de Ardoncino sobre una superficie de terreno 115.000 m2 y una ocupación inicial de 50.000 m2, y en el 2000 se traslada la actividad a la nueva planta, en la que se dispone de una nave industrial de 4.300 m2 y dos edificios de oficinas y vestuarios con una superficie total de 850 m2; destinándose el complejo industrial a la gestión y valorización de residuos de cables, plásticos y residuos de caucho y neumáticos fuera de uso.

Expansion and participation in other companies

In 2004, RMD began business and international expansion, with its participation in other companies, all of them dedicated to the recycling and electromechanical recovery of end-of-life tyres by applying the technology and know-how provided by RMD.

R + D + I

RMD, given its desire to remain at the forefront in the world of recovery and recycling, has created its own research, development, and innovation department. In this area, several projects have been developed in collaboration with technological institutes, universities and other companies and industrial associations at a national and international level.

Waste: The raw materials for recycling
Improvement in recycling and recovery processes
Sustainability within the processes

Comprehensive recycling

“Development of a comprehensive tyre recycling system with a pilot plant design. Characterization of properties of recycled materials and analysis of applications of recycled material”.

New product lines

"Study and adaptation of new product lines based on the use of recycled rubber". 1997

Energy evaluation

"Study of the energy recovery process for the treatment of industrial waste". 1999

Better debugging technologies

“Identification, design and application of the best purification technologies for the minimization of atmospheric emissions in waste energy recovery processes”.

Cryogenic crushing

“Study of cryogenic crushing technologies”.

Materials with optimal behaviour

“Study for the identification and characterization of materials with optimal behaviour in waste gasification atmospheres”.

Plastic materials

“Study of plastic materials from electrical cables for their recycling and transformation”.

Large-scale tyres

"Study of a system for the crushing and recovery of large tyres, mines, civil works".

Tyres as insulation

“Reutilisation of used tyres in the manufacture of sandwich panels with improved insulating properties”.

Research of polymers and elastomers

“Investigation of the structural characteristics of recycled polymers and elastomers applied to the improvement of properties, reprocessing and reformulation”.

Cementitious materials

“Recovery of polymeric residues in cementitious materials” (CONREPOL).

Rubber Micronisation

Social action

20 years of commitment to society

Our commitment to society

For RMD, one of its main objectives is to maintain a firm commitment to society and nature, meeting social and environmental demands in terms of recycling. Therefore, RMD tries to maintain a continuous dialogue with its environment in different ways or directly in those areas where the company has a presence. RMD’s commitment to society is based on sustainability and protection of the environment, actively participating, and collaborating in the social environment in which it carries out its work.