Second-use tyres

In the section on the used tyre (N.U.) we have years of experience in its classification and commercialization, transforming the N.U.(“neumático usado”, used tyre) at N.U.R. (“neumático usado reutilizable”, reusable used tyre) for the national and international market and N.F.U (“neumático fuera de uso”, out of use tyres) useless tyres for reuse, which are destined for transformation into recycled rubber products.


In this activity we are fully integrated into the field of recycling because with our work we cooperate in the care and maintenance of the environment, thus complying with the priorities set by the EEC on the prevention, reuse, and recovery of non-hazardous waste, RMD S.A. being the operator in all the items previously described.


Selection and classification:
In our centres, we check, verify, and classify all the material into different categories, cameras, tourism, agricultural, truck and industrial. Currently, our classification volume exceeds 60,000 tons of tyres per year in all its categories, this figure is increasing year after year.

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