Filled with artificial grass

Filltech © is the best option for filling artificial turf fields, suitable for use with different heights and densities of grass depending on the sport for which the field will be used; ideal for football, hockey, cricket, rugby, golf and sports fields. Our brand is the leader in sales of this product, with encapsulated rubber granules being the leading product. It is available in different colours, which represents an added aesthetic value, in addition to providing the product with numerous advantages, including greater durability against wear and resistance to heating

Product characteristics

  • They do not have an odour: In this case, there is no specific regulation for this type of material. However, a study was made based on the following standards V09-105, XP V09-500, and V09-015. The result obtained is that the Filltech TOP© does not smell of anything..


  • Encapsulation quality: Filltech TOP© is encapsulated with polyurethane paint, obtaining a very homogeneous product, both intergranular and intragranular.


  • Homogeneity in the grain: The granulometric analyses of the Filltech TOP© show a very narrow curve; so that the material is very homogeneous, both in granulometric distribution, since there are no rubber granules below 1mm or above 2.5mm, and in the shape of the grain, complying with the standards: FIFA, EN 15330-1 AND NF P90-112 (for which the EN 993-1 and EN 993-2 test method was used).
  • Lisport: This is a test required by Italian regulations, for which the Filltech TOP© is introduced into an artificial turf and rollers are passed through it for 7000 cycles, checking the stability of the TGA grain and granulometry at 1000 cycles, at 5200 cycles and at 7000 cycles. In all cases, the tests were passed..


  • Density: As required by FIFA regulations, EN 15330-1 and NF P090-112, the NF EN 1097-3 test method was used, obtaining a density of 0.55 for Filltech TOP©. Compared to EPDM, a denser material, the amount of material (in kilos) needed to fill the same volume of artificial grass is less. If we add to this that the price of the Filltech TOP© is approximately half, the cost of the product is much lower.
Temperature resistance 80%
Resistant to extreme climates 95%
Cost reduction of 60%
Reduction of water consumption by 75%
Stability against UV rays 75%
Recycled and recyclable product 100%

Filltech Negro

Filltech Top

Filltech 3 Top

Gallery of artificial grass infills

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