Rubber Planters

These planters offer all the properties of recycled rubber whilst also adding decoration. Great resistance to inclement weather, this material is hard and flexible, making it extremely difficult to break, and therefore ideal against vandalism. It is also a drainage material, so it does not need drainage holes, this prevents surfaces from getting dirty with irrigation.

There is a wide variety of designs, dimensions, and aesthetic solutions for individuals, professionals, and public areas.

Characteristics and models

  • Anti-vandalism material.
  • Resists extreme temperatures.
  • Does not crack.
  • Not toxic.
  • Resistant, intensive use.
  • Economic, compared to products with similar characteristics.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Worldwide supply.
  • Variety of designs.
  • Respects the environment.
  • UV stable.
  • Recycled and recyclable products.
  • Draining product: does not need evacuation holes.

Model J60

Dimensions: 60x60x40cm
Weight: 58kg aprox.
Shipping: Pallet 12 units

Model J100

Dimensions: 100x40x40cm
Weight: 69kg aprox
Shipping: Pallet 9 units

Model ROMA

Dimensions: 77x26x46cm
Weight: 22kg aprox.
Legs: 45x10x14cm
Weight: 41kg aprox.


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